We. For Europe.

We. For Europe.

Quality, flexibility and humanity for satisfied costumers

As a family business, we shape the future from tradition. For over three generations we have remained a reliable, long-term and innovative partner to our customers. Heidelmann is made up of three operating companies:

  • Spedition Heidelmann GmbH (transport)
  • Heidelmann Kühllogistik GmbH (warehouse)
  • Technik Center Schwalmstadt GmbH (workshop)

Key facts:

  • Foundation: 1946 – now in our third and fourth generation
  • Heidelmann Group employees: 350
  • Warehouses: 5
  • Pallet bays: 50,000
  • Business areas: Food logistics, pharmaceutical logistics. Warehousing
  • Own fleet: 100 trailers, 80 tractors, 20 distribution vehicles
  • Certifications: ISO, IFS, EU Eco regulation

Entrepreneurial commitment and responsibility

We – family and staff – view entrepreneurship as an opportunity to shape our future. Our creative and dedicated employees undertake, along with us, responsibility for economical, ecological and social conduct for the company "whole" and for the benefit of our customers.

Collaboration and partnership

In our team, we pull together in terms of logistics. We foster individual expertise and creativity in our mutual exchanges and with our customers and partners, in order to implement goal-oriented logistics solutions. We therefore behave as we expect others to: reliably, transparently and fairly. Partnership for us the success factor for customer-oriented logistics.

Excellence and innovation

We aspire to be the best in all our business activities. We want to offer our customers optimal and efficient logistics. We are committed and responsible, and flexible when confronting new challenges. Our own and market innovations provide us with the opportunity to develop better logistics.

Integrity and tolerance

At all times, we act honestly, legally, incorruptibly, respectfully, fairly, responsibly and reliably – in short: ethically! Mutual tolerance and appreciation of differing opinions are the basis of constructive dialogue for us.

Loyalty and honesty

We apply loyalty and honesty, both with each other and towards our customers and partners, as an inherent attitude and virtue, so that every day, each of us carries out his or her task within the logistics process with total commitment – and always with the "whole" at the forefront of our minds.

Unser Wertegefüge – die Unternehmens- und Qualitätspolitik, der Wertekodex und das Qualitätsmanagementsystem – wird komplettiert durch spezifische Verhaltensregeln zur Sicherstellung einer umfassenden Regelkonformität (Compliance). Diese Verhaltensregeln basieren ihrerseits auf international anerkannten und ratifizierten Grundsätzen sowie nationalen Gesetzten, hierzu zählen die Erklärung der Menschenrechte (UN-Vollversammlung – Resolution 217 vom 10.12.1948), der UN Global Compact, die Grundsatzkonvention der Internationalen Arbeitsorganisation (ILO), das Grundgesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, die Verfassung des Landes Hessen genauso, wie die unterschiedlichen gesetzlichen und normativen nationalen Vorgaben.

Unser ethisches und gesetzeskonformes Verhalten hat für die Unternehmen Heidelmann in der eigenen Geschäftstätigkeit und in den Beziehungen zu allen Geschäftspartnern und Kunden höchste Priorität.

Die Unternehmen Heidelmann haben ein Hinweisgeberverfahren eingerichtet, das es Einzelpersonen, Unternehmen und sonstigen Organisationen ermöglicht, auf Verstöße gegen geltendes Recht (z.B. Korruption, Bestechung, Betrug, Verstoß gegen Menschenrechte und Umweltvorschriften), Unternehmensrichtlinien, ethische Grundsätze oder Bedenken in Bezug auf eine potenzielle oder tatsächliche Verletzung dieser Regelungen hinzuweisen.

Bei Hinweisen auf mögliche Verstöße, die die Unternehmen Heidelmann betreffen, haben Sie die Möglichkeit über unsere Interne Meldestelle Ihren Hinweis – auch anonym – zu senden:




Die gemeldete Information unterliegt einem verantwortungsvollen Umgang und die Integrität des Absenders wird sichergestellt.


2020 to today
2010 bis 2020
2000 to 2010
1995 to 2000
1990 to 1995
1980 to 1990
1960 to 1980
1946 to 1960


The 3rd generation change and a managing director from outside the family for the first time

After more than 30 years in management, Ute Bischoff and Volker Bischoff will step down as Managing Directors of Heidelmann Kühllogistik GmbH, Spedition Heidelmann GmbH and Technik Center Schwalmstadt GmbH on December 31, 2023, but will continue to support the companies in an advisory function even after retiring from active day-to-day business.

Ute Bischoff will hand over responsibility to her son Till Bischoff on 01.01.2024. In addition to Till Bischoff, who has been Managing Director of Heidelmann Kühllogistik GmbH and Spedition Heidelmann GmbH since August 2018, the long-standing authorized signatory Sven Vollmann will be appointed Managing Director of Heidelmann Kühllogistik GmbH and Spedition Heidelmann GmbH as of 01.01.2024. In addition, Till Bischoff is appointed sole Managing Director of Technik Center Schwalmstadt GmbH as of 01/01/2024.

The management team is completed by the long-standing authorized signatory and commercial director Matthias Steuble as well as by the two new authorized signatories Christian Bischoff (Head of Technology and Quality Management) and Janina Bischoff (Head of Human Resources).

2020 to taday

In May 2021, the new temperature controlled logistics center (cold store no. 4) was put into operation.

Just about one year later in March 2022, the next ground-breaking ceremony took place on the new site for the construction of a new frozen pharmaceutical warehouse with over 6,000 m² of space for frozen storage areas, incoming and outgoing goods zones, a state-of-the-art individual donation identification system as well as offices and social rooms. A PV system with around 290 kWp will also be installed on the roof of the building. This new building will strategically expand the collaboration with a long-standing pharmaceutical customer and extend it in the long term. The building will be completed in May 2023 and Heidelmann will take over the warehouse logistics processes for the pharmaceutical customer in the existing building and the new building from August 2023.

2010 to 2020

In 2013, Heidelmann joins forces with eleven other partners to form a powerful, European-wide network – the European Food Network – which is a strategic partnership enabling provision of cargo transport throughout Europe, in accordance with fixed transit times and uniform quality standards.

In 2017 Heidelmann Kühllogistik GmbH & Co. KG changed the company name to Heidelmann Kühllogistik GmbH.

In March 2020, the foundation stone is laid for the new temperature controlled logistics center in the Hans-Heidelmann-Straße in the new "Saure Wiesen West" industrial estate in Schwalmstadt. On a 52,000 m² site, directly opposite the company headquarters, a 4,500 m² cross-docking hall for the fresh food groupage business (+2°C to +7°C), a high-rack warehouse with three separate chambers (each with a separate temperature control between +2°C and +25°C) and a total of 7,200 m² or approx. 10,000 Euro pallet spaces, an office building with social rooms, a truck wash with 70% water treatment and a PV system with approx. 750 kWp are being built.

2000 to 2010

Entry into pharmaceutical logistics and storage area expansion

In 2006, construction of new social and office spaces begins, as well as interior conversion of an already existing warehouse for a customer from the pharmaceutical industry. The first transportations for the pharmaceutical logistics industry are carried out.

One year later, construction of a new high-bay warehouse begins, which is put into operation in 2008. Another office building and social area are also constructed. On completion of the new high-bay warehouse, Heidelmann now has the capacity to store over 37,000 Euro pallets. In 2007, "Heidelmann & Sohn, Nachfolger" becomes "Heidelmann Kühllogistik GmbH & Co. KG".

1995 bis 2000

Heidelmann Group expansion

Completion of a further construction phase for a high-bay warehouse in the temperature-controlled area, as well as a fresh goods handling warehouse. In 1996, Heidelmann enters into partnership with Dachser – a significant milestone in Heidelmann's history. At the end of the 1990s, a modern workshop with the name "TECHNIK CENTER SCHWALMSTADT GmbH", an independent truck and car workshop, is built on the company premises and put into operation.


The second generation change

On reaching his 65th birthday on 24th December 1993, Mr Hans Heidelmann hands the operation over to his daughter, Ms Ute Bischoff.

1990 bis 1995

Increasing number of orders and new businesses

Already by the start of the 1990s, an additional cold store has been built and put into operation.

Opposite today's company premises, an additional 60,000 m² are acquired to plan for the future. Here, in May 1992, construction of an additional cold store begins, which is put into operation in October 1992. Alongside the traditional services, additional services such as packaging, project management, labelling, price marking and display construction are now offered.


The first generation change Willy Heidelmann hands the company over to his son, Hans Heidelmann.

1980 bis 1990

Specialisation in temperature-controlled transport

Specialisation in temperature-controlled transport results in a division of the company. Spedition Heidelmann GmbH now deals exclusively with transport logistics and the removal business. Heidelmann & Sohn now concentrates primarily on the storage of temperature-controlled food, raw materials and packaging materials, also for the food industry.

In the mid-1980s, the first cold store is put into operation in "Horschmühlenweg". Due to the increasing number of orders, by the end of the 1980s a site in the industrial zone "An der Feuerwache" is purchased, and the foundation laid for the first construction phase of a high-bay refrigerated warehouse (18-24°) with office and social spaces. The move from "Horschmühlenweg" to the newly erected "An der Feuerwache" operating facility takes place.

1960 bis 1980

First temperature-controlled transport and expansion of the removal business

From the mid-1960s, HEIDELMANN specialises in the provision of temperature-controlled goods transport. The removals business is expanded, and the storage of household removal goods and other goods intensified.

1946 bis 1960

Transport business structure

In 1946, Martha and Willy Heidelmann found the HEIDELMANN transportation company. They primarily transport building materials for the reconstruction of war-torn Germany. Their son, Hans Heidelmann, joins the company in the mid-1950s, and rebrands the company as the Heidelmann & Sohn partnership. Furniture and household removal goods are transported as an additional trade branch.